Lip Gloss on a Photo Shoot – Sofia Verdugo from Soffie Artistry

There is the ring palette from Wednesday's post!

There is the ring palette from Wednesday’s post!


LA: Is that different than the go to brand for photo shoots?
SA: My professional kit is quite diverse. I personally think any makeup artist stating otherwise is kidding themselves. I don’t believe any one brand is superior with everything and therefore carefully select products that will help me achieve the best results.

LA:  What makes lip gloss on a photo shoot different than real life?
SA:  If I need to create a glossy finish, I usually just pop on a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. I love it because it’s not sticky, gives an intense shine, while also conditioning and protecting the model’s lips.

LA:  What are some photo shoot gloss tricks people could use for selfies?
SA:  Don’t apply the gloss all over–less is more. If you’ve spent time sculpting a perfect lip, the last thing you want to do is spackle a light reflective product that’s hide it, or worse, make it look amateur. Instead, apply it in targeted areas and don’t be afraid to use your fingers! You’ll have more control of how much product gets applied and achieve a more professional finish.

Look at all those lip goodies!

Look at all those lip goodies!


LA:  And lastly – what else should we know about you and gloss?
SA:  I rarely wear makeup. I love makeup and I love the creative outlet it provides, but unless I’m I’m booked for a wedding (and even then, it’s a very subtle, almost no-makeup, makeup look) or it’s a holiday, anniversary, or birthday, it can be assumed I’ll be bare faced. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m more interested in how I protect it (read: sunscreen, drinking tons of water, and eating well) than applying makeup daily.








Here’s some more gorgeous shots of Sofia’s work!


Sofia's gorgeous bridal work.

Sofia’s gorgeous bridal work.

Super Glam - Sofia gets it right!

Super Glam – Sofia gets it right!

Dewey and flawless!

Dewey and flawless!

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