New Year New Color – Marsala 2015 – Why and Which One?

Hello Glamorous and Gorgeous Glossies! Thank you so much for indulging my winter break to see my family. Christmas was awesome and I got about a billion lip glosses for Christmas! You will have to check my Instagram to see how they look on me. Adorable, I must say.

My HG of gloss and of Love!

My HG of gloss and of Love!

I also gave my grandmother Rosebud Salve for Christmas. If you remember, I blogged about her and how she wore Rosebud Salve and how much I love it. Well, the Auntie Express via a cousin or three (huge Southern family. HUGE) told me she mentioned wanting one so of course I got her one. I’m not sure who cried first, my granny when she opened it or me when I saw her eyes light up when she realized what it was. SOMEONE SHOULD STOP CUTTING ONIONS OVER HERE.

I’m getting sidetracked. SQUIRREL.


So, YAY New Year. And some fancy folks at Pantone pick the color of the year, each and every year. For 2015, that is supposed to be Marsala. What does this mean? Well, trend forecasting is a multi-billion dollar business, and this color choice was based on where fashion, textiles, and sociology and all kinds of goodies are headed. You’ll see this color all over crap this year. Paint, sheets, towels, eye shadow, GLOSS. Typically, colors around food choices indicate a need for home and familiarity. The darker colors are supposed to be more ominous, but this one is named after booze so I am going to call it a party. Personally, I love this color. But translating to cosmetics works for blush and even eyeshadow, but not universally. And certainly not on the lip.

From - there she is!

From – there she is!

Pantone color forecasters call Marsala “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” This is an interesting red,as in ‘almost not red’. It’s a warmer red, but missing the orange undertones that make your teeth seem slightly off colored (yes, its true. If you want your pearly whites to look extra pearly, stay AWAY from orange, corals, and red’s with orange undertones). The earthy part comes from the slightly brown undertones. Unfortunately, this also means it goes muddy pretty quick, depending on skin tone. If there’s much yellow happening, I don’t see Marsala working for you. Even tho it’s named after a boozy libation, don’t expect any wine-ish or purple in this shade. It’s closer to Masala, it’s spicy flavor cousin, than anything in a grape-y color family. I know, I know, warm tones should rock this like they do the oranges and all other warm tones. It’s just harder as I gloss, I think. The brown, cooler undertones make it a tough call.

Gorgeous NARS Gloss!

Gorgeous NARS Gloss!

The best way to experience this is in the Nars Lip Gloss in Misbehave ($26). Nars describes this as a cherry red with gold shimmer. I don’t see this one as a cherry red – the golden flecks give this one the earthy hit everyone is calling Marsala this year, and balances enough not to go muddy on any skin tone. Seriously – brown shimmer is hard to pull off in an every day gloss, so the gold shimmer in Misbehave is a better option, while still being on fleek, as they say.

As for the gloss part – I love Nars, the packaging is so chic, the names are great, the formulations are sublime! The texture is great, they smell slightly sweet but not cloying, your hair doesn’t get stuck in the gloss, and the color pay out is amazing! Don’t let the lame name of this color fool you – it’s the Marsala of your dreams!  Keep the ‘other’ Marsala for clothes, paint, and Pinterest!

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