Lip Gloss -Lip Scrub DIY- Keeping Lips Lovely in Winter, or Whenever, really!

Chapped lips - the WORST!

Chapped lips – the WORST!

I love this time of year! The fantastic food, the fun parties, the lip gloss sets waiting to be sampled and used and loved! While some may enjoy the crisp, cool chill in the air, I’m not a fan of the frosty fiesta. I love the new fashion options, but cold air can damage skin, especially lips. All the Rosebud Salve in the world won’t nourish lips of they are chapped and peeling. Time for exfoliation! Not only will your lips thank you, but your gloss will too. No amount of lip primer (yup, that’s a thing) will make gloss adhere if your lips are peeling and painful.

Lip scrubs are trendy these days, and Sara Happ makes a great one. The downside? It’s $24. With 2 ingredients that you probably have at home, it’s time to get scrubby with it!


You’ll need Olive Oil and table sugar. How Easy is that? Olive Oil is a great emollient that will give moisture to your lips, and sugar is a gentle exfoliant



Only 2 Ingredients!

Only 2 Ingredients!

Take 3/4 teaspoon of sugar, and mix with about 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil. That’s it!


Using it is rather simple. I keep mine near my shower, and grab a tiny scoop. Use your ring finger to utilize the scrub, making tiny circles over the lips. When I worked for Lancome, our trainer explained that the skin on the body was like paper. The feet are like brown paper bags, and the lips and skin around the eyes are the most tender, like tissue paper, and the ring finger is the most gentle. Your trusty pointer finger is too strong for the task.


This quick and easy homemade scrub has several advantages.




Finished Product!

Finished Product!


It costs pennies to make. Save your money for glosses!

It can be made with ingredients you have at home. No need for a trip to the mall!

It’s lip safe, and completely natural. With sugar, it doesn’t taste half bad if some happens to escape your lips!


Always mix this in tiny batches. Since you’ll use it in the shower, there’s a chance water could get in the mix, and when that happens you’re growing a potential penicillin farm (i.e., a mold ranch, ewwwwww). This recipe should makes enough for 1 to 2 scrubs. Use only when you need it and your lips will be silky, smooth, and your lip gloss will go on like butter! Keep the batch for no more than a week, and if you end up with some extra, your elbows will also thank you.






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