Lip Gloss on a Photo Shoot – Sofia Verdugo from Soffie Artistry

Thank you RHSeed Photography for this gorgeous pic!

Thank you RHSeed Photography for this gorgeous pic!

Hello Glossies! I went on a photo shoot to see all about Lip Gloss on a photo shoot, and let me tell you – it takes a village to pull one of these off! Nicole Freeland ( was the hair diva, Sofia Verdugo of Soffie Artistry ( and Photographer Randy Burgess from RHSeed Photography ( were amazing, and I mostly tried to stay out of their way. I’m so grateful that everyone, including the models, let me join the fun and learn about gloss from the other side of the camera.

I loved watching Sofia. Her calm energy helped her have a smooth and steady hand. I’m telling you – even my camera in her face didn’t phase her for a second! I’ll include work from her portfolio at the end of the post, so you can see how gorgeous her work truly is.



Check out in January to see the final product, and find the magazine on stands in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Check out the first photo on the second page, where Sofia is wearing the super cool ring palette I raved about on Wednesday.


So, glossies – here’s our interview!


Tools of the trade – ready for action!


Lip Gloss Addict: How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Soffie from Soffie Artistry: 16

LA: What was your first gloss you ever purchased?
SA: I think one of those glosses with a rollerball applicator,  haha.






Just perfect! Thanks RHSeed Photo!

Just perfect! Thanks RHSeed Photo!


LA: What made you decide to be a makeup artist?
SA: Serendipity. Four years ago I knew nothing about makeup. One day I found an article, discovered YouTube, and taught myself. When I decided to go professional I got certified and here I am.

LA: What is your personal go to beauty brand?
SA: I use a lot a drugstore brands for my personal stash–which is quite minimal–but my favorite thus far is L’Oreal. I love their True Match liquid foundation and their Deep Cleaning face wash.

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